Beadrolling, Bomberseats and Fabrication Classes

Class Description, 
The class will focus on hands-on teaching of  different beadrolling techniques, understanding the use of the machine for general fabrication work as well as artwork. We will also be building aluminum bomber seats or special projects dedicated to the craft of beadrolling.   


Day 1


Overview of the Beadroller and the general functions of the machine, while discussing what each student would like to achieve from the class personally. 

Beadroll roll discussion, and the proper use of the adjustable collars as well as pressure control knob.  

Hands on beadrolling,
Beadrolling multiple panels using different style rolls while applying the technique previously mentioned and determining each students skill level. 


Layout, discussing and applying multiple style of layouts using the J.J. layout tools for different effects and discussing what works best for each application. 

Hands on beadrolling,
Beadrolling the designs, choosing the correct rolls to achieve different effects for different types metals. 

Artwork, discussing the difference styles, mediums and a general overview of the beadrolling art market and how it apples to them. 

Hands on Beadrolling,
Beadrolling the Artwork Designs or Patterns from the discussion before. 


Finishing up any panels or staring new ones for any student needing to revisit any techniques discussed previously. 

Day 2.


Overview of the day before and finishing any leftover projects from the previous night. 

Patinas, discussing the different styles and application of patinas on metal, with a demonstration of how to patina a panel.  

Discussing the use and benefits of the "Spoiler roll" and "Hem roll" set. 

Hands on Beadrolling, 
Using the "Spoiler Roll" to round and edge,
Using the "Hem Roll" to fold over and edge

Bomber Seats, discussing the different styles of seats, and a general overview of the seat they are going to build. 


Discussing the layout of the different types and styles of Dimple Dies, including Punch & Flare, Punch & Bead, and Louvers while using the 3 ton press. Overview of the Ultimate Box and Pan brake, Beverly Shear, and Rivet Gun. 

Hands on Seat Building, 
1. Layout and cutting of the seat body, rivet placement, drilling holes for rivets, and bending the seats into shape. 

2. Layout seat sides and cutting them with the Beverly Shear

3. Layout of dimple dies and using them on the 3 ton press, then bending the center section of the seat to fit the body. 

4. Layout of rivets and beadrolls for back and bottom section of seat, drill and beadroll panels. 

5. Reassemble seat, and Rivet. 

"Special Projects", if a student chooses to not finish the seat on Sunday afternoon they can work on another project that will be provided.

The class will be held at my shop in Collinsville, Ms

The cost is $1500 per person. 

There will only be 3 student per class.