In 2009, after working at several different hot rod shops, Jamey quit his job and decided to build a company based off an idea he had when he was younger.  "I wasn't happy where I was and wanted to take control of my own career."

He moved all of his tools and equipment into his mother's garage and started making bomber style seats for hot rods. 

With each set of seats, Jamey would create new and interesting designs.  "My customers were always asking for different styles and patterns which made me have to learn and practice using my Bead Roller."  He was always pushing his skills and coming up with new techniques which eventually led him into designing his first set of dies.  "I had these ideas and concepts about how I could shape the metal but there wasn't a die on the market that could facilitate my ideas. So I decided to created my own".

Jamey approached Mike Mittler, owner and CEO of Mittler Brothers Machine and Tool out of Wright City, MO.  Not only did Mike like his dies, he also liked all of the other ideas Jamey had which led to the creation of his own tool line exclusively with Mittler Brothers. 

The Jamey Jordan Signature Series now has over 70 products and is constantly increasing.  "I believe that with hard work and dedication anything is possible."

 Jamey's work has appeared on West Coast Customs, Powerblock, Search and Restore, Muscle Car, Stacey David Gearz Speed Channel and Hot Rod Garage. You can also find him demonstrating his art at SEMA in Las Vegas, GoodGuy's shows and Art Galleries.